30HP tractor
China OEM 30HP Tractor supplier

China OEM 30HP Tractor supplier

قوة المحرك: 30 حصان

سرعة PTO: 540/720 دورة في الدقيقة

أقصى قوة رسم مصنفة: ≥6.5KN

الوزن: 1290 كجم

حجم الإطارات: 6.0-16 / 9.5-24

قاعدة العجلات: 1745 ملم



China OEM 30HP tractor supplier QL-304Y

  • OEM 30HP Tractor supplier:The A series economical and practical 30HP جرار زراعى , equipped with Y chassis with advanced Qilu structure, can meet the needs of customers with different agricultural machinery, suitable for small plots such as family farms, and can meet general agricultural operations.
  • OEM  Tractor supplier:The tractor is matched with a brand-name four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine for good fuel efficiency and high torque. The central console is simple in design, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. The new 8F+2R has a reasonable shifting speed and high efficiency. Suitable for greenhouse plants, orchards, vegetable gardens, etc.
  • The tractor has strong power, stable performance, smooth movement, and low vibration. Using well-known brand hydraulic components, stable work, and high reliability. Two power output speeds can be selected from.
  • The pilot operation and switch control of the humanized design of 30HP جرار زراعى is easy to operate and improve work comfort; easy to maintain, easy to maintain, and overhaul

If you need a 30HP tractor, please contact us, Qilu will provide you with expert service!


Power/HP 30 حجم الإطارات 6.0-16/9.5-24
نموذج مدفوعة دفع رباعي سرعة مأخذ الطاقة 540/720 دورة في الدقيقة
التروس 8F+2R محرك 3 Cylinder diesel engine
التشبث نوع المرحلة الواحدة توجيه Hydraulic Power Steering

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