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Chinesische Minibagger zum Verkauf in den USA


Chinesische Minibagger zum Verkauf in den USA
Chinese Mini Excavators for Sale in USA 23

Minibagger, auch Kompaktbagger genannt, sind vielseitige und leistungsstarke Baumaschinen, die zum Ausheben von Gräben, zum Bewegen von Erde und Materialien, bei Abbrucharbeiten, im Landschaftsbau und für verschiedene industrielle Anwendungen eingesetzt werden. Mit einem Gewicht von weniger als 10 Tonnen sind sie aufgrund ihrer kompakten Größe wendig und nützlich für den Einsatz auf engstem Raum.

Over the past decades, Chinese machinery manufacturers like XCMG, SANY, Lonking and Zoomlion have made major inroads into the global mini excavator market, competing with incumbents like Kubota, Takeuchi, JCB and Caterpillar. Offering advanced features and reliable performance at economical price points, Chinese mini excavator models are now commonplace options for sale at dealerships across America.

In this blog, we’ll review the popular Chinese mini excavator models customers can find in the US market and discuss what capabilities they offer, pricing and selection factors, where they are being manufactured, plus a comparison with other brands. For buyers and businesses seeking mini excavation equipment, this is a helpful guide to sourcing and purchasing Chinese mini excavators locally.

Top Chinese Mini Excavator Models in USA

Chinese manufacturers offer mini hydraulic excavators ranging from 1-10 metric tons, with digging depths spanning 4-13 ft. Some current models buyers can find at US dealers include:

XCMG Mini Excavators

  • XE80U – 8-ton model
  • XE215 – 7.5-ton, up to 23hp
  • XE135W – 3.5-ton wheeled model

Zoomlion Mini Excavators

  • ZE230 – 8.5-ton excavator
  • ZE75 – 7.5-ton model
  • ZE08 – 1-ton micro excavator

Lonking Mini Excavators

  • CDM815 – 7.5-ton, up to 50hp
  • CDM503 – 3-ton model
  • CDM222 – 2-ton compact excavator

Qilu Mini Excavators

  • QL2.0T – 2.0-ton excavator
  • QL1.0T – 1.0-ton excavator
  • QL3.5T – 3.5-ton excavator

Modern sensors, smoother controls, safety features and creature comforts make many recent Chinese import models competitive alternatives against premium brands.

Key Features and Performance

Chinese mini excavators pack similar or better specifications vis-a-vis functionality and power compared to their global competitors:

Grabtiefe – Most models offer digging depths from 13-16 ft depending on arm configurations

Lift Capacities – Range between 550 – 3800 lbs again based on bucket and arm choice

Engines – Use fuel-efficient, Tier 4 emission compliant diesel motors from leading suppliers like Cummins, Deutz and Perkins

Controls – Offer smooth hydraulic pilots and ergonomic joysticks enabling precision machine movements

Comfort – Provide tilt-adjust seats, climate control AC/ heating cabs and low noise levels for operator ease

In terms of grading performance, a model like the XCMG XE80 rates highly for its power, precision and stability doing trenching work and moving aggregates or debris. Comparable mini excavators from other non-Chinese brands can cost over 50% more with the same specs.

Chinese Mini Excavator Prices in USA

The huge appeal of Chinese excavators in America comes down to their affordable acquisition costs while carrying contemporary specifications. In terms of indicative pricing, Chinese mini excavator prices in the US may span:

Mini Excavator ClassAverage Price Range
Micro excavators (1 – 2 tons)$25,000 – $60,000
Compact excavators (3 – 5 tons)$45,000 – $120,000
Midi excavators (6 – 10 tons)$85,000 – $200,000

In comparison, equivalent Caterpillar or Komatsu models can retail from 30% to 60% higher for comparable metrics like horsepower, lift capacities and digging depth. This price advantage allows buyers to acquire modern performance excavation equipment at economical budgets.

If purchasing brand new from retailers, Chinese OEMs often run seasonal sales and special offers with incentives like free attachments or extended warranties to win business. This allows further value purchasing.

Where Are Chinese Mini Excavators Manufactured?

While Chinese excavator brands have traditionally focused their manufacturing within domestic Chinese factories, recent trends have seen them setting up international production plants to serve regional markets better.

For example, SANY America operates a US manufacturing plant in Georgia producing mini excavators and other construction equipment to meet federal Buy American procurement regulations. Zoomlion is also building a US factory slated to be operational soon for localized manufacturing.

However, a majority of Chinese branded excavators found in the US are still imported from China-based builders like:

  • XCMG – Hefei, Anhui province
  • Sany – Changsha, Hunan province
  • Lonking – Shanghai, Zhejiang province
  • Zoomlion – Changsha, Hunan province

Top exporting cities near Shanghai and further inland continue serving as China’s heavy machinery manufacturing hubs. Products get shipped over to US dealers before final delivery to customers.

Comparison Between Chinese and Western Brand Mini Excavators

Chinese Mini Excavators for Sale in USA 24

Chinese mini excavators have earned market credibility by matching their western competitor brands in product quality, features and after-sales support:

Comparison CriteriaChinese Brand ExcavatorsWestern Brand Excavators
Price20-50% cheaper for similar specsExpensive, premium pricing
Product technologyContemporary designs, efficient enginesEquivalent technological capabilities
DurabilityApproaching global benchmarksRobust product lifecycles
Controls & cab comfortErgonomic pilot controls, climate controlled cabsSmooth hydraulics, heated cabs
Dealer networkExpanding national dealer coverageEstablished dealer channels
After-sales supportImproving, but still trails Western OEM standardsMature parts networks and service infrastructure

While earlier perceptions about Chinese mini excavators questioned long-term reliability, the majority of major export brands today operate advanced factories producing precision equipment built to global standards. This makes them completely viable alternatives to premium Western options at attractive capital savings.

Conclusion: Chinese Mini Excavators for Sale in USA

In conclusion, established Chinese construction equipment manufacturers now offer contemporary and robust mini excavator models in America delivering compelling value. Blending nearly equivalent specifications to premium excavators with significantly lower ownership costs, Chinese imported mini excavators merit consideration for earthmoving and demolition applications.

With factories continuously improving production quality standards while expanding US parts and service networks, buyers focusing purely on digging performance over badge prestige can derive substantive ROI purchasing Chinese mini excavator units. Companies wanting to stretch their excavation equipment budgets would do well to evaluate options from brands like XCMG, Lonking or Sany available locally.


What are typical mini Bagger warranty periods for Chinese brands?

Most major Chinese brands provide a 1 year standard warranty covering the entire machine with unlimited hours. Extendable warranty options for 2 or 3 years are also available as added support.

Do Chinese mini excavators offer technology features like telematics and GPS?

Yes, newer high-end Chinese excavator models do come integrated with smart technology enhancers like remote diagnostics, telematics data reporting and on-board GPS systems similar to Caterpillar or Komatsu excavators. They help track machine usage and productivity.

Where can I find financing support for a Chinese mini excavator purchase?

Reputable Chinese machinery dealers and distributors provide flexible financing support including:

  • Loans with low interest rates
  • Customizable payment programs spread over years
  • Leasing options bundling in repairs/replacement This allows buyers to carefully structure payments over equipment lifecycles to match operational budgets and cash flows.

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