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Qilu war von Anfang bis Ende großartig, der Bagger wurde genau so gebaut, wie wir es uns gewünscht hatten, tolle Qualität und schnelle Produktion. Ich kann dieses Unternehmen nur wärmstens empfehlen!

Die schockierende Offenbarung des Mulchkopfes eines Baggers


Baggermulchköpfe haben sich in den letzten Jahren zu einem immer beliebter werdenden Anbaugerät für Bagger entwickelt. Die meisten Menschen sind sich jedoch der schockierenden Wahrheit darüber, wie Baggermulchköpfe tatsächlich funktionieren und was sie bewirken können, nicht bewusst. In diesem Blogbeitrag werde ich einige überraschende Fakten über Baggermulchköpfe enthüllen, die Ihre Einstellung zu ihnen verändern könnten.

Ein excavator mulching head is a powerful attachment that replaces the bucket on an excavator. It has steel cutter teeth or blades that can grind, cut, and mulch entire trees, brush, and other vegetation. The mulched material is beneficial for the soil, unlike the large piles of vegetative debris left behind by other methods.

Benefits of Using an Bagger Mulching Head

Excavator Mulching Head
The Shocking Revelation of Excavator Mulching Head 7

There are many great reasons to use an excavator mulching head:

  • Clears land extremely fast
  • Mulches material while clearing
  • Mulch is beneficial for soil
  • Low soil disturbance compared to other methods
  • Very versatile for land clearing and forestry mulching

However, the most shocking fact about excavator mulching heads is just how much material they can process in a short time!

The Shocking Processing Capacity

Excavator mulching heads can process absolutely astonishing amounts of material in a single day. Just take a look at this table to see some real-world examples:

Type of VegetationArea Processed Per Day
Light brush and trees5 – 10 acres
Medium brush and small trees3 – 5 acres
Heavy thickets and large trees1 – 3 acres

As you can see, a mulching head can grind acres of vegetation per day based on the density and size of the material. An experienced mulching contractor can process over 60 acres per week in lighter vegetation!

This incredible productivity is achieved because mulching heads can “eat” through brush and saplings up to 10 inches in diameter without slowing down. They simply grind everything in their path into fine mulch.

What Happens to All That Mulch?

You might be wondering what happens to the literal tons and tons of wood mulch produced by an excavator mulching head each day. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Mulch helps to nourish the soil as it decomposes
  • Some mulch can be collected and sold or used onsite
  • Remaining mulch “mulches back in” naturally
  • Mulch prevents soil erosion problems

Mulching heads allow that beneficial mulch to go right back into the ground with very little waste. It’s the most sustainable and soil-friendly vegetation removal method.

More Surprising Benefits

Here are two more facts about excavator mulching heads that might shock you:

Better for the environment – Mulching heads are much better for the surrounding environment compared to methods like bulldozing vegetation. The soil stays intact, nutrients are recycled, and landscape damage is minimized.

Safer than manual clearing – Clearing land manually with chainsaws and brush cutters is extremely dangerous. But operators are safe inside the cab of the excavator, avoiding hazards.

As you can see, excavator mulching heads enable extremely fast land-clearing while benefitting the environment – that’s a win/win!

Key Types of Mulching Heads

Excavator Mulching Head
The Shocking Revelation of Excavator Mulching Head 8

There are two main types of excavator mulching attachments:

  • Drum-Style: Steel drums with cutting/chipping teeth. Good all-round performance.
  • Disc-Style: Steel discs stacked with spacers. Specialized for maximum mulch quality.

This table compares the features and benefits:

Cutting MethodDrums with teethStacked discs
Mulch QualityGoodExcellent
VielseitigkeitVery highModerate

In most cases, a drum-style head offers the best balance which is why they tend to be the most popular. But disc-style heads create beautifully fine, consistent mulch that is great for landscaping jobs.


Excavator mulching heads might seem simple, but they represent a highly productive, sustainable solution for vegetation removal. Their processing capacity measured in acres per day is truly staggering.

These attachments enable operators to reclaim land quickly while actually benefiting the soil and surrounding environment. Plus they provide a much safer option compared to manual clearing.

So if you assumed excavator mulchers were just another attachment – think again! Their incredible clearing power and eco-friendly performance set them apart. Looking at the table above, it’s clear why excavator mulching has become such a game-changing land management method across the world.


What size Bagger do I need for a mulching head?

For light brush, a compact mini-excavator (2-5 tons) can handle a small mulching head. For anything heavier, a mid-sized or full-sized excavator in the 15+ ton range is recommended. Always match the head to the excavator’s hydraulic capacity.

How long does it take to install a mulcher?

Mulching heads come equipped for quick mounting direct to the excavator dipper arm. The attachment face needs to match the excavator coupler whether that’s manual pin grabber or hydraulic. Then hydraulic lines and fittings just need to be connected, which takes 30-60 minutes.

Do I need any safety protection?

Yes, excavator mulching heads shoot debris and wood chips at extremely high speeds as they mulch. Any bystanders should keep a safe distance. It is highly recommended to install polycarbonate front door lexan shields on the cab to protect the operator as well.

What maintenance is required?

Daily greasing of bearings is essential. The cutting teeth and blades will need replacement once worn down. Disc-style heads require more frequent sharpening and blade replacement than drum-style. Other than that, mulching heads are relatively low maintenance attachments. Still, follow the manufacturer service schedule for optimal performance and longevity.

Can mulching heads grind stumps?

Mulchers cannot grind and mulch excavated tree stumps, but they can effectively grind stumps right down at ground level. Using an excavator, the operator can rip out standing brush and trees and feed them directly into the mulcher before moving onwards continuously. So there’s no need to leave behind unpleasant stumps across the land.

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