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Was ist die Bodenstruktur und wie kann sie sich auf Ihre Pflanzen auswirken?

The article discusses soil structure and how it affects your crops. The author gives a break down of different types of soil and how what type of soil affects the nutrients in your dirt. The article also talks about the benefits of having an organic system that uses compost, using raised beds instead of conventional ground, and the importance of getting a soil test.

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What Is Soil Structure And How Can It Impact Your Crops? 7

What is Soil Structure?

Soil structure is the physical and chemical makeup of the soil. It can impact crops in many ways, including how well they grow and how healthy they are. Soil structure can be determined by a soil test.

How can soil structure affect your crops?

Soil structure is the arrangement of soil particles in a solid matrix. The three main structures are: sand, silt, and clay. Sand is the most abundant soil structure and is made up of small, round particles. Silt is made up of larger, more angular particles and is found in soils that are wetter than clay soils. Clay soils are the least common and are composed of small pieces of mineralized matter that have been combined with organic matter. Each type of soil has its own set of benefits and drawbacks for crops.

Sandwiched between clay and silt on the soil scale is a fourth type: fine-textured soils. These soils are made up of very small particles that can be moved around by wind and water. They have good water storage capacity but suffer from poor air and root penetration. Because they are so difficult to work, fine-textured soils are usually only found in areas that aren’t used for agriculture.

Significant benefits of improving soil structure

The soil beneath our plants is one of the most important factors in their success. A good structure allows water and nutrients to move freely through the soil, helping plants to absorb these resources and grow. In addition, a well-structured soil can resist erosion and provide a stable foundation for plant roots. Improving structure can have a significant impact on crops, so it’s important to understand what makes a good soil structure and how you can improve it.

woman use digital soil meter in the soil cabbage 2021 09 01 22 05 14 utc
What Is Soil Structure And How Can It Impact Your Crops? 8

Safe and effective ways to improve soil structure

Safe and effective ways to improve soil structure
Soil is the foundation of plant life. It provides essential nutrients, water, and air to plants. Poor soil can lead to a number of problems for crops, including poor growth, yield loss, and susceptibility to pests and diseases. Soil structure is one way to improve crop performance. Here are some safe and effective ways to improve soil structure:

  1. Add organic matter. Organic matter helps hold soil together and make it more aerated. It also helps improve nutrient availability and uptake by plants.
  2. Improve drainage. Improving drainage allows excess water to escape quickly so that it doesn’t pool on the surface or enter the root zone of plants. This helps prevent wet soils from becoming boggy and promoting fungal growth.
  3. Use compost or manure. Compost and manure are both composed of organic matter and minerals that help improve soil structure. They also contain enzymes that break down vegetable waste into pieces small enough for the plants to absorb.
  4. Plant cover crops. Planting cover crops between rows of crops can help protect the soil from erosion and provide other benefits, such as increased nitrogen levels in the soil (which can help promote growth).

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