Quatre précautions pour l'entretien quotidien et l'entretien des petites pelles.

The daily maintenance and maintenance of small excavators can reduce the failure of the excavator and greatly prolong the service life. So, what should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the excavator?


1. daily maintenance and maintenance of small excavators : The bolts are too tight:

In the process of disassembling the excavator, the bolts in many parts have torque requirements, such as the gearbox, cylinder head, wheel hub, connecting rod and front axle. The tightening torque is listed in the manual. There are provisions in the response, which cannot be changed at will. But many users mistakenly believe that it is safer to be tighter. In fact, over-tightening will cause the screw or bolt to break, and may also cause failure due to the threaded slip.

2. daily maintenance and maintenance of small excavators : The tire pressure is too high:

The tire inflation pressure of the tire excavator is too high or too low, which will affect its service life and work efficiency, and is also not conducive to safe driving. Scientific inflation standard: Based on the standard air pressure of the tire, slightly adjust the tire air pressure as the actual temperature changes. For example, considering that the air temperature is high in summer, the gas is heated, and the pressure is increased. On the contrary, the standard air pressure must be reached or slightly lower in winter. The tire pressure in summer should be 5%-7% lower than that in winter.

3.Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Small Excavators : The Tire Pressure Is Too High:

When the excavator engine is overloaded, the heat dissipation is not good, or the water tank is short of water, the water tank will be boiled. If cold water is added immediately at this time, the cylinder head and cylinder block will burst. Therefore, once the water tank is found to be boiling during use, the operation should be stopped immediately, and emergency measures should be taken to make the cooling water of the diesel engine cool down by itself.

4. daily maintenance and maintenance of small excavators : the oil is only added but not changed:

Excavator Manufacturers
Excavator Manufacturers

As we all know, in the process of using a diesel engine, oil is an indispensable part, and its function is only lubrication, cooling, cleaning, etc. Therefore, many drivers will pay attention to check the amount of lubricating oil and add it according to the standard. However, the inspection of the quality of the lubricating oil and the replacement of the deteriorated oil are often neglected, resulting in the moving parts of some engines always running in a poor lubrication environment, which accelerates the wear of the parts. Under normal circumstances, the loss of oil is not large, but it is easy to contaminate.

When a lot of dirt enters the oil during the operation of the diesel engine, for new or overhauled machinery, there will be more impurities after the test run. If you rush into use without replacing it, it is easy to cause accidents such as burning tiles and holding shafts. ; In addition, even if the oil is replaced, some drivers will not completely clean the oil passages due to lack of maintenance experience or save trouble, so that mechanical impurities still remain in the oil pan and oil passages.

The above are the four main points that need to be paid attention to about “daily maintenance and maintenance of small excavators”, I hope it can help you~

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