1.0T Excavator Manufacturer QL-10Eco
1.0T Excavator Manufacturer QL-10Eco

1.0T Excavator Manufacturer QL-10Eco

Maximum digging depth:1650mm

Maximum digging height:2500mm

Maximum unloading height:1850mm

Maximum digging radius:2900mm

Radius of gyration:1550mm

Platform ground clearance:385mm



1.0T Excavator Manufacturer QL-10Eco

  • The QL-10ECO,operating weight is 1000kg, equipped with the KOOP diesel single-cylinder engine ,  you can also choose KOOP EURO5, Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine. Large and medium excavators are powerless because the working environment is too narrow and complex, but our 1.0ton excavators are very flexible and can operate in small spaces without being affected by space constraints, is able to easily excavate on or next to walls.
  • It is sold with rubber crawler, which can help reduce damage to landscaping and roads in narrow construction areas during excavation.The crawler walking hydraulic excavator has excellent work efficiency and cost-effective quality; simple operation, small and flexible, and convenient transportation.
  • OEM 1.0T excavator manufacturer QL-10Eco,The newly designed Eco series 0.8T excavator integrates energy saving, small size, flexibility, powerful functions and low noise. It penetrates widely into small spaces such as construction sites, gardens, municipalities, and cities. put up.
  • The 1.0T excavator uses an engine that meets the national III and European V emission standards, with strong power, stable performance, smooth movement and low vibration; using well-known brand hydraulic components, stable work and high reliability; equipped with flexible working devices, easy to deal with Operations in the corners of narrow spaces in construction.
  • The 1.0T excavator is equipped with humanized design of pilot operation and switch control, which is convenient to operate and improve work comfort; it is convenient to maintain, and the integral hood is lifted behind, which is convenient for maintenance and repair;
  • 1T excavator can be equipped with accessories such as rotary drill, breaker, ripper, trenching bucket, sieve bucket, charging bucket, grab bucket, etc., with higher added value. It is worth your purchase.


Operating weight 1000kg Engine Brand KOOP
Standard bucket capacity 0.03m³ Wheelbase 420mm
Working device form Backhoe Track ground length 1250mm
Power 10kw/13.5HP Platform ground clearance 385mm
Maximum digging radius 2900mm Chassis width 940mm
Maximum digging depth 1650mm Track width 180mm
Maximum digging height 2500mm Transport length 2170mm
Maximum unloading height 1850mm Full vehicle height 2200mm
Over size 2170mm*940mm*2200mm Radius of gyration 1550mm

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