China Skid Steer loader
China Skid Steer loader-QL-60

China Skid Steer loader-QL-60

Rated power:45kw

Self weight bucket:2800kg

Bucket Capacity :0.4m³

Maximum unloading height:2400mm

Overall operating height:4000mm

Height to bucket hinge pin:3100mm



  • Our QL-60 skid loader,rated power is 45kw.Operating load is 850kg,operating weight is 2800Kg. Overall operating height is 4000mm, the height to bucket hinge pin is 3100mm, the height to top of cab is 2160mm, the height to bottom of level bucket is 2933mm.
  • It is simple, the cost performance is good, and the use cost is low. It is a classic product that sells well in the international market.
  • The operating load is 850kg, the Max speed is 12km/h, the rated flux is 75L/min. And the operating weight is 2800kg. About the bucket capacity, which is 0.4m³.
  • It has a large bucket with a shorter moving arm. Large quantities of material such as soil, construction material, etc can be moved from this.


Model QL60
Operating  load (kg) 850
Max.speed(km/h) 12
Rated flux(L/min) 75
High flow flux(L/min) /
Tire model 12-16.5
Rated power 45
Fuel tank capacity 80
Self weight bucket 2800
Bucket capacity 0.4
Overall operating height(mm) 4000
Height to bucket hinge pin(mm) 3100
Height to top of cab(mm) 2160
Height to botton of level bucket(mm) 2933
Without bucket length(mm) 2750
Overall length with bucket(mm) 3490
Dumping angle at max.height(°) 40
Dumping height (mm) 2400
Dumping reach(mm) 750
Rollback of bucket on ground(°) 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(°) 104
Wheelbase(mm) 991
Ground clearance(mm) 205
Angle of departure(°) 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1198
Front tuning radius(mm) 1958
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1728
Rear axle to bumper(mm) 1208
Tread width(mm) 1500
Width(mm) 1880
Bucket width(mm) 1880

China 60 Skid Steer Loader QL 60 0000 IMG 3852 China 60 Skid Steer Loader QL 60 0001 IMG 3850 China 60 Skid Steer Loader QL 60 0002 IMG 3853

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