Wheel loader for sale
Wheel loader for sale-QL936D/QL938D/QL952D

Wheel loader for sale-QL936D/QL938D/QL952D

Rated power:40KW/61.8KW/77kw

Total Weight:3010kg/3320kg/4230kg

Bucket Capacity :0.55m³/0.55m³/0.78m³

Maximum unloading height:3200mm/3500mm/3500mm

Rated contained mass:1600kg/1800kg/1300kg

Boom lift:6.5s/4.67s/5.55s



wheel Loader for sale

The product is equipped with a new type of plate welding arm boom, which has high bearing capacity and overall rigidity, reliability and durability. The luxurious cab features a blow-molded interior that is beautiful and comfortable.

wheel loader for sale:The wide front view makes it easy to see the work equipment and prevents accidents.

Wide rear visibility reduces bumping accidents compared to other products.

Sturdy body frame and boom frame design, reliable structure, powerful and trustworthy.


Model QL-936 QL-938 QL-952
Rated contained mass 1600kg 1800kg 2000kg
Total Weight 3700kg 4020kg 5230kg
Bucket capacity 0.55m³ 0.55m³ 0.78m³
Bucket width 1830mm 1830mm 2020mm
size(L×W×H) 5450*1890*2660mm 5750*1890*2660mm 6270*1960*2690mm
wheelbase 1470mm 1470mm 1560mm
Axle spacing 2250mm 2300mm 2445mm
Max.unloading height 3200mm 3500mm 3500mm
Min.turning radius 4400mm 4500mm 4900mm
Mini.ground clearance 260mm 260mm 320mm
Boom lift 6.5s 4.67s 5.55s
Boom down 4.62s 2.84s 4.74s
Trinomial sum 10.89s 9.23s 10.83s
Driving speed LowⅠ(F/R) 5 km/h 5 km/h 6.5km/h
LowⅡ(F/R) 8.5 km/h 8.5 km/h 11km/h
HighⅠ(F/R) 18 km/h 18 km/h 21km/h
HighⅡ(F/R) 27 km/h 27 km/h 35km/h
rated power 36.8kW 58.8kW 74kW
Rated speed 2400r/min 2400r/min 2400r/min

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