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Рейтинг Blue Excavator на потребительском рынке


Blue Excavator
The Rank of Blue Excavator in Consumer's Market 23

Экскаваторы, также называемые экскаваторами, представляют собой тяжелую строительную технику, используемую для рытья, подъема и перемещения земли, камней, мусора и материалов на строительных площадках и при добыче полезных ископаемых. Эти шарнирно-сочлененные машины весом от 2 тонн для мини-моделей до огромных 90 тонн для карьерных экскаваторов выполняют различные виды земляных работ и погрузочно-разгрузочных работ.

While ubiquitous excavator colors have traditionally skewed towards conventional yellows or blacks, Southeast Asian builders particularly from Thailand and Indonesia have uniquely differentiated their excavator models by opting for a vibrant blue theme color instead. Brands like Qilu and Kuboda offer these distinctively colored “blue excavators” in local consumer markets.

In this blog, we’ll analyze the reputation and market performance of these blue excavators vis-a-vis the dominance of conventional colored excavators. We’ll weigh operating considerations like fuel efficiency, service support, pricing, durability and comfort to gauge blue excavator rankings among equipment buyers and owners.

Blue Excavator Models Available

While mainstream excavator firms like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Qilu and Kobelco rely on traditional black and yellow paint livery for their machines, a subset of excavator builders from Thailand and Indonesia differentiates through all-blue color schemes. Some popular blue excavator models sold in Asian consumer markets include:

Kuboda KC220-5: 30-ton tracked excavator with 177HP engine

Comet 250M: 25-ton excavator with maximum digging depth of 24 feet

Mutsubishi MS 60: 6-ton mini excavator with 51HP output

QL-1t Excavator: 1-ton compact excavator with rubber tracks

The vibrant blue shade certainly makes these machines stand out visually on job sites compared to the ubiquitous yellow and black competitors. But do they rate as highly among equipment owners for key buyer considerations?

Operational Performance Considerations

Beyond the novelty aesthetic colors, excavator consumers make purchase decisions based chiefly on vital performance criteria and expectations:

1. Fuel Efficiency

Modern engines with optimized hydraulic systems allow miserly fuel consumption. Blue excavator models use diesel and gasoline engines sourced from suppliers like Isuzu, Mercedes Benz and Kubota engines to deliver economical hourly fuel usage rates.

2. After-Sales Support

Having ready access to service technicians and spare parts influences equipment usability. Most blue excavator makers provide maintenance contracts and have mechanics based locally to ensure minimum downtime.

3. Comfort Features

Ergonomic cabins with air conditioning, adjustable consoles and low noise levels improve operator comfort for long shifts. Premium blue excavator versions match competitor offerings in this area.

4. Safety

Robust ROPS frames, fire extinguishers, seat belts, proximity sensors and back-up cameras promote safe machine operation in all conditions. Blue excavators offer equivalent safety mechanisms to meet regional regulations.

5. Technology Integration

From GPS-enabled grade control to remote machine data tracking, excavators integrate latest technological tools to enhance productivity and information flow. Blue excavators also incorporate smart wireless monitoring systems and advanced hydraulics on higher-end offerings.

Pricing Analysis

A key criterion determining consumer excavator preferences is the competitive pricing and total cost of ownership. Blue excavators shine strongly here with over 20-30% cheaper purchase costs.

Excavator ClassBlue Excavator PriceYellow Excavator Price
Mini (1-5 tons)$12,000 – $50,000$18,000 – $70,000
Medium (20-30 tons)$85,000 – $130,000$120,000 – $180,000
Large (40+ tons)$150,000 – $250,000$240,000 – $380,000

While the discounted pricing makes blue excavators highly sought after, lacking the same dealer network or customer financing flexibility relative to entrenched Caterpillar or Komatsu remains a hindrance. This restricts mass adoption among risk-averse larger corporations with strict procurement regulations favoring established brands with fat balance sheets.

Durability and Life Expectancy

Гусеничные экскаваторы
The Rank of Blue Excavator in Consumer's Market 24

Buyers evaluate excavators on their working lifespan expectations covering 15,000 – 25,000 engine operating hours based on model size and application intensity like light-duty trenching or heavy mining tasks. Brand history and heritage matter in this aspect.

Since blue excavators builders are younger Southeast Asian firms compared to Japanese heavy equipment legends like Hitachi, Komatsu and Kobelco with decades of proven performance history, some skepticism exists around long-term blue excavator durability despite quality benchmarks improving steadily to reach global standards.

Cabin Comfort and Controls

An excavator operator may spend over 8-10 hours daily in a cabin, so its comforts directly affect productivity. Parameters like noise, vibration and climate modulation matter. Premium excavator cabins now resemble car interiors with plush seats, touchscreen consoles and wireless connectivity.

While basic blue excavator versions may have simpler cabins, newer high-end models match premium decked-out cabins to alleviate operator fatigue. Features like adjustable wrist rests, suspension seats, ergonomic joysticks and climate control are closing previous comfort gaps.

Conclusion – Compelling Value Options

Contenders in Asian markets, blue excavators have earned credibility for better fuel economy, competitive lifespans and reliable performance cementing reputations as compelling value options against pricier incumbents. They shine strongly on total cost aspects.

While global brands still edge ahead on technology integration, service infrastructure and long-term dependability for mission-critical mining applications, blue excavators make sense for small contractors and rental fleets wanting good basic excavation capabilities on tight budgets.

With improving quality and globalizing after-sales networks, blue excavators should see increased adoption among cost-conscious excavator consumers who can compromise slightly on brand prestige for substantially lower capital costs and fuel usage. Their colorful uniqueness can also help fleets differentiate and win bids based on attractive all-in costs.


Do blue экскаваторs come with warranties?

Yes. Most major blue excavator brands offer a 1 year / 2000 hours bumper-to-bumper warranty. Extended coverage up to 5000 hours over 3-5 years is also available as added assurance.

What are some limitations vs traditional excavators?

  • Compared to entrenched players, blue excavators have fewer dealerships currently limiting parts and service accessibility for a few owners. This situation is improving with dedicated dealer appointments.
  • Residual valuations may taper slightly below the mainstream brands, making resale values lower after a few years although initial cost savings outweigh this gap.

Who is the ideal customer for a blue excavator?

Newer small contractors starting fresh fleets benefit strongly from discounted blue excavators coupled with manufacturer direct support during foundations building without restrictions faced by larger government contractors. Rental companies also like vibrant blue excavators to distinguish their fleets visually.

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