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1,5-тонный мини-экскаватор — лучший знает вашу машину

1.5 ton mini excavator is a small and light weight machine, which is mainly used for digging, tamping and mixing soil. 1.5 ton mini excavator is widely used in tube-well construction, slope protection and canal alignment in the agriculture industry.

The function and features of 1.5 ton mini excavator

A one and a half ton mini excavator is a construction vehicle used to dig holes, trenches, and foundation footings. The operator sits in a cab attached to the excavator’s boom arm and uses levers to control the machine’s tracks and bucket.

Most one and a half ton mini excavators have an extendable undercarriage that can be used to stabilize the machine while digging or to reach narrow spaces. The extendable undercarriage also allows the operator to keep the machine’s body off of the ground when working in areas where there is a risk of the machine tipping over.

Some one and a half ton mini excavators are equipped with a backhoe attachment that can be used for digging trenches or moving materials around the jobsite. Other attachments that can be added to a one and a half ton mini excavator include breakers, augers, and thumbs.

1,5-тонный мини-экскаватор — лучший знает вашу машину

Китай 1.5T мини-экскаватор компании QL-15Eco

  • China 1.5T Mini Excavator Company QL-15Eco, integrates energy saving, small size, flexibility, flexible operation and low noise. It penetrates widely into small spaces such as construction sites, gardens, municipalities, and cities. put up.
  • The 1.5T Mini Excavator is equipped with an engine that meets the national III and European V emission standards, with strong power, stable performance, smooth movement and low vibration;
    Использование гидравлических компонентов всемирно известного бренда, стабильная работа и высокая надежность.
  • The 1.5T excavator is easy to maintain, and the integral hood is lifted to facilitate maintenance and repair; it can be equipped with accessories such as rotary drill, breaker, ripper, ditch bucket, sieve bucket, charging bucket, grab bucket, etc., to increase added value.Worthy of your choice.
  • The QL-15ECO can be chosen double cylinders engine of Koop ,andit can also choose imported Kubota engine from Japan that meets the Euro V standard.
  • In order to let customers have more convenient work experience, The QL-15ECO has the following optional upgrades:Its mechanical pilot can be changed to hydraulic pilot, which makes the operation more labor-saving. Rubber tracks are standard,it can be changed to the steel track.For the comfort of the builders, The QL-15ECO can install closed cabin.Add arm swing boom,more flexible steering.
1.5 ton mini excavator
1.5 ton mini excavator-the best knows your machine 7
1.5 ton mini excavator
1.5 ton mini excavator-the best knows your machine 8

How to choose 1.5 ton mini excavator

When you are planning to purchase a 1.5 ton mini excavator, the best way to know if the machine is right for you is by asking yourself the following questions:

-What is the maximum digging depth I need?
-How much weight can the machine handle?
-What is the width of the machine’s tracks?
-How long will I need to use the machine?
-What is my budget for this purchase?

Once you have answered these questions, you can then begin to research which 1.5 ton mini excavator would be the best fit for your needs. There are many different models and brands on the market, so it is important to do your homework before making a final decision. Be sure to read online reviews from other customers and compare prices to get the best deal possible.

Maintenance and care for 1.5 ton mini excavator

1.5 ton mini excavators are one of the most versatile and powerful machines on the market. Though they’re small, they pack a big punch when it comes to performance. In order to keep your 1.5 ton mini excavator running like new, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and care.

Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your 1.5 ton mini excavator:

  1. Check the oil level regularly and change the oil every 50 hours or as needed.
  2. Grease all moving parts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  3. Inspect the tracks and undercarriage daily for wear and tear. Replace worn parts as necessary.
  4. Keep the excavator clean, both inside and out, to prevent premature wear and tear on engine and other components.
  5. Check fluid levels regularly and top off as needed.
  6. Have a qualified technician perform a thorough inspection of your machine at least once a year

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