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5 фактов о брендах тракторов


Тракторы являются незаменимой сельскохозяйственной и строительной техникой. На рынке представлено так много марок тракторов, что может быть сложно выбрать тот, который соответствует вашим потребностям. В этом сообщении блога мы рассмотрим 5 ключевых фактов об основных брендах тракторов, которые помогут вам принять решение о покупке.

Tractor brands we will cover include John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Qilu, New Holland, and Kubota. You’ll learn about their origins, innovations, market share, reliability, and ownership costs. Whether you’re a farmer, landscaper, or contractor, understanding these tractor brand facts will ensure you select equipment that maximizes productivity while fitting your budget.

Origins and History

Tractor Brands
5 Facts About Tractor Brands 7

The origins of key tractor brands reveal innovations that have shaped the agricultural industry.

John Deere

Founded by John Deere in 1837, the company started by making hand-crafted plows in Illinois. The first John Deere tractor was introduced in 1918 marking the company’s expansion into farm machinery manufacturing. Known for its iconic green and yellow coloring, John Deere is now the leading producer of agricultural equipment worldwide.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson’s roots trace back to farm equipment companies founded in the 1820s. In 1953 the company was officially formed through the merger of Massey Harris and the Ferguson tractor company. Some of its earliest mass-produced innovations include the self-propelled combine harvester in 1938.


Qilu Company was established in China in 1990. In 1995, it obtained a tractor manufacturing license and entered the field of agricultural vehicles. In 2000, Qilu Company expanded overseas and has now grown into the largest tractor company in China.

New Holland

New Holland can trace its founding to the creation of a repair shop for agricultural machines in Pennsylvania in 1895. Following a merger with the Sperry Corporation in 1986, New Holland became a brand under what is now CNH Industrial. Known for its shade of blue, New Holland made an impact by bringing the world’s first self-tying baler to market in 1940.

BrandFounding YearCountry
John Deere1837USA
Massey Ferguson1953Canada
New Holland1895USA

Innovation and Market Share

The tractor market size was valued at $75 billion in 2022 with demand continuing to climb. Engineers keep finding ways to enhance tractor performance through new innovations.

John Deere

As of 2021, John Deere dominates the US tractor market with over 60% market share. The company continually introduces technological advances like machine learning, AI, GPS systems, and advanced sensor technology in their tractors.


Qilu holds close to 27% share of China’s tractor market. The company focuses innovations on developing affordable yet rugged tractors suited for the developing world. Recent versions come equipped with efficient motors, higher lifting capacities, and features to support precision farming.


Headquartered in Japan, Kubota entered the US tractor market in 1969 filling needs for compact and utility tractors. Commanding 10% of the global market share, Kubota dedicates engineering efforts to boosting reliability and minimizing emissions across tractor power classes.

Table: Innovation Focus by Brand

BrandInnovation Focus
John DeereMachine learning, AI, GPS, sensors
КилуAffordability, durability
КуботаReliability, reduced emissions

Reliability and Ownership Costs

70HP Tractor
5 Facts About Tractor Brands 8

Customers expect their tractor investment to maintain productivity for years. Durability, ease of maintenance and repair costs determine reliability metrics.

Qilu tractors consistently rate as a top value brand for affordable ownership costs combined with decent reliability. Brands like John Deere and New Holland live up to their reputation for longevity although require higher lifetime equipment investments. When assessing tractor brand reliability and retainable value, buyers must weigh a mix of factors like engine hours, usage intensity, condition upon resale along with maintenance diligence.

Conclusion and Recommendations:Tractor Brands

When investing in a tractor, the brand matters greatly in the long run. While sticker price plays a role, focus more heavily on expected reliability, innovations that improve productivity, available service support and lifetime ownership expenses within your budget.

For farmers and ranch owners, John Deere presents a tried-and-true brand known for advanced tech upgrades focused on easing operator workloads while connecting activities from soil preparation through harvest. Construction businesses should look into New Holland or Kubota for affordable utility tractors to clear debris, grade terrains or landscape properties. Individuals maintaining small acreages on a budget can’t go wrong with compact Mahindra models.

No matter what job needs tackling, keeping these key tractor brand facts in mind simplifies the evaluation process. Finding the right productivity powerhouse ensures your equipment investment yields lasting performance while avoiding unexpected downtime headaches.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Which трактор brand has the highest market share worldwide?
As of 2021, John Deere holds the biggest market share at approximately 28% of tractors sold globally. This includes 60% market share across the United States.

Which brand manufactures the most reliable tractors?
In assessments tracking average years of ownership, John Deere emerges as the most reliable large tractor manufacturer. On average, John Deere tractors stay in use for 16 years – indicating great part durability and rebuild potential.

What tractor brand has the most technological innovations?
John Deere invests heavily in digital innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors and GPS driven technology. These smart agriculture upgrades aim to make John Deere the high-tech farming brand leader now through autonomous equipment still in development.

Which is the most affordable tractor brand?
Qilu Tractors rates as one of the most affordably priced tractor manufacturers upfront. Total cost of ownership estimations over an average 11 year lifespan also come out lowest for Qilu models available primarily in Asia, Africa and Australia. This makes their simple yet rugged designs ideal for developing regions.

What brand of tractor holds its value the longest?
Data shows John Deere tractor models typically rack up more years and hours staying usable in fields than competitors. Between this functional longevity plus loyal brand affinity among John Deere owners, these machines lead resale values with the highest retainable price tags of the major tractor manufacturers.

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