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Qilu был великолепен от начала до конца, экскаватор был сделан именно так, как мы просили, отличное качество и быстрое производство. Я очень рекомендую эту компанию !

Revolutionizing Engineering at INTERMAT 2024:

Dear industry pioneers, explore the future with Qilu Group! Here are some procedures for our exhibition

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When is Intermat 2024?

Taking place in Paris from April 24-27, we'll get an exclusive look at cutting-edge solutions, expert insights, and the next frontier of engineering excellence.

What can you expect from QILU at Intermat?

We will show you Qilu’s mini excavator, where we bring the soul of the excavator to life. Immerse yourself in a world of engineering excellence, advanced features, and real-world applications. This is your gateway to witness the power and precision of Qilu Industrial’s cutting-edge equipment.

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Booth Highlights

Visit us at Booth #HALL6-F046 to witness:

- Premieres of state-of-the-art engineering machinery

- Engaging discussions with industry experts

- Exclusive demonstrations and hands-on experiences


Why Connect With Qilu Group?

– Explore the latest advancements in engineering technology
– Network with industry leaders and visionaries
– Avail exclusive event promotions and limited-time offers

Date: April 24th - April 27th, 2024

Venue: ZAC Paris Nord 2, 93420 Villepinte, France


Шаньдун Qilu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of the engineering revolution. Qilu Group eagerly anticipates your presence at INTERMAT 2024!

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