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Qilu was great from start to finish, the excavator was done exactly as we asked itto be, great quality and fast production. Ihighly recommend this company !

What is The Excavator Breaker Suitable For?

Excavator breaker is a tool used in construction sites which can be used to break up the ground so that an excavator can move forward. However, different types of excavators might need a specific type of breaker to function properly. In this article, you will find out about the variety of excavator breakers available and what they’re best for!

What are the major components of excavator breakers?

The excavator breaker is a type of breaker that is designed to break the chains on an excavator. The excavator breaker is also designed to release the clutch, so the excavator can be operated safely.

What’s the difference between a live and dead blow?

A live-blow excavator breaker is designed for use in soft soils. It is a two-piece design that uses an impact driver to break the soil and then a hydraulic ram to push the pieces downhill. A dead-blow excavator breaker is designed for use in hard soils and rocky terrain. It is a three-piece design that uses an impact driver, hydraulic ram and crusher to break the soil and then push the pieces downhill.

How do you adjust excavator breakers?

Excavator breakers can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of soil conditions. Many excavator breakers also have settings for different types of loads. Adjustment of the excavator breaker can help optimize machine performance and reduce wear and tear on the machine.

Types of Excavator Breakers

The excavator breaker is a device used to break up soil, rocks, and other materials. It is used in construction, mining, and agricultural sites. The excavator breaker can be used for different purposes, such as breaking up boulders, paving roads, and removing debris from a site.


The excavator breaker is a vital piece of equipment for any construction site. It helps to stop machines from getting stuck and allows crews to quickly get the site back under control. If you are in the market for an excavator breaker, be sure to take a look at our selection and find the perfect one for your needs.

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