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Ventajas de la excavadora de 2 toneladas


Una excavadora de 2 toneladas, a veces llamada miniexcavadora o compacta, normalmente pesa entre 1,5 y 2,5 toneladas. Estas máquinas pequeñas pero potentes ofrecen muchas ventajas que las convierten en una opción versátil para diversos proyectos de construcción y paisajismo.

With their compact size and unmatched maneuverability, 2 ton excavators can access tight spaces that larger equipment can’t. At the same time, they retain impressive lifting capacity and stability to complete digging, lifting, and material handling tasks productively.

Below we detail the major advantages 2 ton excavators bring to worksites and why they are useful additions to contractor and landscaper fleets. Understanding these key benefits can help companies determine when selecting a 2 ton excavator is the right equipment choice.

Accessibility in Restricted Areas

2 Ton Excavator
Advantages of 2 Ton Excavator 23

A major advantage of 2 ton excavators is their compact dimensions allow accessing and working in restricted areas that cannot fit larger excavators.

Their small size means 2 ton excavators can maneuver down narrow access roads, through dense vegetation, between existing structures, and across sites with limited space. Common applications benefiting from accessibility include:

  • Working inside buildings for interior demolition or reconstruction
  • Landscaping in compact residential yards
  • Trenching along municipal easements or property lines
  • Forestry work under brush and between tightly spaced trees

Table 1 shows sample dimensions for typical 2 ton excavators compared to larger models:

Excavator ClassPeso operativoWidth
2 ton1.5-2.5 tons4-5 ft
5 ton5-6 tons6 ft
20 ton20-24 tons8-10 ft

With widths under 5 ft, 2 ton excavators can maneuver through most single doorways and gates. This enables easy building access without costly demolitions to open space.

Lifting Capacity

In contrast to their small size, 2 ton excavators boast an impressive lifting capacity thanks to the counterbalance from their undercarriage. They can lift up to double their own operating weight.

  • Max lift capacity around 4,000-5,000 lbs
  • Equivalent capability of compact crane
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio among excavator classes

This productivity allows 2 ton models to lift substantial materials, including:

  • Handling construction supplies like lumber, rebar, forms
  • Loading and unloading delivery trucks
  • Transferring pipe, drainage boxes, utilities
  • Setting HVAC equipment onto buildings

Table 2 shows some sample objects within the safe working load for a 2 ton excavator:

Stack of construction lumber3,500 lbs
Boiler unit4,000 lbs
Small dumpster3,600 lbs
Pallet of landscaping stone2,800 lbs

Precision Operation

In addition to strength, 2 ton excavators achieve precision performance across all control functions. Responsive controls paired with compact design results in outstanding fine grading capability.

Key elements producing accuracy include:

  • Sensitive hydraulic thumb controls
  • Short wheelbase for quick reactions
  • Narrow bucket width for detailed trenches
  • Enhanced visibility within confined area
  • Slew restricting control options

Applications benefiting from precision operation include:

  • Grading and shaping residential landscapes
  • Digging intricate utility trenches
  • Backfilling and contouring against foundations
  • Sculpting golf bunkers
  • Carving small ponds

Affordable Price

2 Ton Excavator
Advantages of 2 Ton Excavator 24

A major decision factor, 2 ton excavators offer an affordable price point compared to larger excavators. Their low operating costs also enhance overall value.

Typical 2 ton pricing specifics:

  • Base model starts around $35,000 USD
  • Well-equipped model around $50,000 USD
  • Cost savings of 25% compared to 5 ton class

Reduced expenses stem from:

  • Compact size with fewer raw materials
  • Fuel efficient engines using 3-5 gallons per hour
  • Shared components and designs across model range

The purchase price and operating costs make 2 ton excavators accessible for small contractors and sole proprietors who could not otherwise justify a larger machine. Their versatility supports the equipment investment across varying services and clients.

Trailer Transportability

The small footprint and lightweight of 2 ton excavators allows convenient hauling to jobsites using pickup trucks and trailers, avoiding the need for expensive transport trucks.

Typical trailering features:

  • Easily load with small trailer or tilt-back flatbed
  • Tow capacity requirement under 10,000 lbs
  • Reduce low-bed trailer rental costs
  • Ship through tight urban areas to sites

This transportability supports contractors in serving a wider service area without restricting work to a single depot location. Maneuvering through neighborhoods significantly expands client access.

Conclusion:2 Ton Excavator

With unmatched accessibility, substantial strength, pinpoint operation, affordability, and transport convenience, 2 ton excavators present numerous advantages making them highly versatile across various residential and commercial construction applications. Companies that add these nimble yet powerful machines to their fleet greatly expand service capabilities and access to clients requiring work in compact spaces. By understanding the multidimensional benefits 2 ton excavators offer, contractors can take advantage of these machines to enhance productivity and profitability on appropriate projects.

Preguntas más frecuentes

Q: Are 2 ton excavators powerful enough to use attachments?

A: Yes, they have sufficient hydraulic power and pressure to operate a wide range of attachments including hammers, augers, grapples, trenchers, thumbs, propel motors and more for expanded versatility.

Q: What safety features do 2 ton excavators have?

A: They offer safety features like rollover protection structures (ROPS), falling object protection structures (FOPS), lockout access, emergency stop switches, seatbelt alerts, hydraulic lockouts, fire extinguishers, rear-view cameras and more.

Q: What are the maintenance needs of 2 ton excavadoras?

A: Routine maintenance like greasing boom and stick pivot points, checking track tension, changing hydraulic filters and fluids, should be performed every 100-250 hours depending on model. Engines may need servicing around 500 hours.

Q: Can inexperienced operators run 2 ton excavators safely?

A: Proper operator training programs are essential even for mini excavators. Controls must become second-nature through hands-on coaching before attempting real worksite usage around people or hazards. Always check training credentials.

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