El papel de 11 tipos de accesorios de tractor.

Tractor attachments: As one of the most important agricultural machinery in farmland activities, tractors have always been the backbone of agricultural operations such as arable land, transportation, sowing, and irrigation. Under different market levels, Chinese tractor factories have also developed tractors suitable for different demand positioning and agricultural machinery users.

Among them, China Qilu Industria y Comercio Co., Ltd. is one of the best suppliers. Qilu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City, Shandong Province.

It has 16 years of export experience and adheres to the integration of industry and trade. It has a number of machinery manufacturing factories, mainly engaged in the export of agricultural machinery such as tractors, excavators and loaders. The products have been sold to Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.

Its tractors are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have a complete range of quality assurance, covering 25 horsepower to 220 horsepower, to meet the needs of different soil and different environments. The factory is not limited by the old machines and dares to introduce new ones, and constantly improves the appearance and configuration of tractors to stand out in the market to meet the needs of more and more global users of agricultural machinery.

More tractor attachments can be used together to improve work efficiency and work quality, etc.

Tractor attachments Type

Rotary tiller

1GQN series rotary tiller adopts intermediate gear transmission structure, which is a rotary tiller for 12-120 horsepower tractors. The machine adopts wide tillage width and symmetrical suspension to cover all wheel tracks. The machine is reliable in quality and excellent in performance, and is suitable for dry and paddy field operations. It has the characteristics of strong agricultural time, labor saving, high operation quality and low cost.

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Rotary tiller

Disc harrow

1BJX series light hanging middle harrow is suitable for crushing soil after tillage, soil preparation before sowing, soil and fertilizer mixing and stubble removal in light and medium soil. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, sturdy and durable, easy to use, easy maintenance, good ability to break into the soil, and the surface level after raking can meet the agronomic requirements of intensive farming.

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1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy harrow has high working efficiency, strong soil entry capacity, loose soil after harrowing, and strong adaptability to heavy sticky soil, wasteland and land with many weeds. The rake adopts an integral rake frame with a welded square tube as the main body, with simple structure and good rigidity, and is equipped with a hydraulic lifting and falling transport rubber wheel, which is easy to transfer and has a small turning radius, which greatly improves the production efficiency and service life of the rake. (disc harrow offset heavy harrow link)

Disc plow

The one-way disc plow series products are mainly suitable for tillage of mature land or wasteland, especially suitable for tillage of high-yield green manure fields and the return of rice and wheat stubble. The plough has good passing performance and soil entry performance, the quality of soil turning and covering can meet the technical requirements of agricultural production, and it has the advantages of low tillage resistance and convenient operation and adjustment.


1LYQ series drive disc plow is connected by the rear three-point suspension mechanism of the tractor. During the working process, the power is transmitted to the gearbox of the disc plow through the rear power take-off shaft (PTO) of the tractor to drive the plow blades to rotate. The driving plough is especially suitable for paddy field cultivation, and has the characteristics of no entanglement of grass, high work quality and high work efficiency.

Shaft plow

This series of ploughs are fully suspended ploughs, which are suitable for dry land farming in soil and sandy loam areas. It has the characteristics of simple structure, wide adaptability to farming, good work quality, flat surface, good soil breaking performance and small moisture ditch.



3ZT series cultivators are suitable for cultivating corn, cotton and potato land, and can complete different construction operations at one time, including cultivating, deep plowing, digging trenches, ridges, etc. The machine has the advantages of convenient adjustment of line spacing and wide application range.


Ridging machine

3Z type adjustable ridge machine is mainly suitable for ridge operation after ploughing of farmland. The machine adopts square tube welded integral rigid mechanical frame as the main body, and is equipped with an angle-adjustable disc ridge machine. The disc ploughs are made of high-quality 65Mn steel. , processed by heat treatment. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, sturdiness and durability, convenient transportation, easy adjustment, convenient use and maintenance, etc.


Corn planter

This series of corn fertilizing and seeding machines is a planting machine for 25~100 horsepower tractors, suitable for fertilizing and sowing corn in plain and hilly areas. It can complete the whole process of loosening, fertilizing, ditching, sowing, covering and suppressing at one time. The machine can realize single-grain sowing, with excellent quality, simple operation, good general performance, wide adaptability, and even sowing.


Wheat Planter

2BXF series disc wheat seeder is suitable for wheat sowing in flat and hilly areas. This seeder works with a small four-wheel medium-horsepower tractor. It adopts three-point suspension, adopts hydraulic lifting, and the seed loading system is driven by ground wheels, which is very convenient. If the customer is working in no-till fields with a planter, a disc opener can be used instead of shoveling the trench. Sowing depth and seeding rate are adjustable. This kind of planter can level the ground, ditch, sow, fertilize, cover soil and ridge at one time. The opener adopts a spring floating mechanism, which can effectively avoid the missed seeding caused by the congestion of a single opener. The spare parts of each model of the 2BXF series planter are highly versatile and interchangeable.


Ground drilling

The ground drill is mainly suitable for the cultivation of various soils and construction sites, and is often used in 50-70 horsepower tractors. It has the advantages of compact structure, strong flexibility and convenient use.


Front loading

TZ model tractor front loader is an agricultural implement installed on the head of the tractor for soil transportation. Through a complete bucket support and link structure at the front end, the tractor moves forward for loading and excavation, as well as lifting and transportation. and uninstallation.


Post mining

The LW model rear excavation is an excavation machine that can be used with various existing agricultural tractors. It consists of a frame with a telescopic boom bucket and a console and a device for driving the bucket to work.


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