What is the scope of application of 1·2~2·5ton mini excavator?

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator are also called small excavators, and the definitions of small excavators are also different.

Excavator products are mainstream. In countries where the use of backhoe loaders is not very common (eg Germany), 4-6 ton products are preferred. However, almost all countries tend to buy larger devices.

From this, we conclude that the definition of a small excavator is that a backhoe loader of 1 to 6 tons can be called a small excavator.

The reason for the large proportion of products of 2.7 to 3.0 tons is that it can be easily transferred to a general-purpose transport vehicle. ground. Mini excavators benefit from their small size and are ideal for earthmoving mainly in urban areas.

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator Product overview

Since the 1980s and 1990s, small construction machinery has played a major role in municipal engineering, transportation and other construction and has developed rapidly.

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator have made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources in these projects, meeting various urban operation requirements, and can maximize their production capacity in the narrow working space of the city, and gradually become a representative in urban construction.

Sexual construction machinery. The development of 1·2~2·5ton mini excavator mainly depends on the development of urban construction.

Due to the large number of urban reconstruction and construction, the construction time is required to be short, the construction machinery has little impact on the surrounding environment, safety, low pollution, small turning radius, easy transportation and the Appearance in harmony with the city scene

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator
What is the scope of application of 1·2~2·5ton mini excavator? 8

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator Widely used site

1·2~2·5ton mini excavator with a variety of working conditions, it integrates energy saving, reliability, comfort, flexible operation and low noise.

Widely used in construction sites, gardens, municipalities, cities and other small spaces. put up. Equipped with a flexible operating device, it can easily cope with the operation in the narrow corner of the construction space.
1·2~2·5ton mini excavator rely on small size and enough power to work in small places.

The smallest excavators can even enter specific elevators, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The work efficiency of an excavator can reach 5, 6 The activity of a worker not only saves labor costs, but also saves costs in the maintenance and repair of small excavators, and even problems can be solved by themselves, achieving the effect of long service life.

For example, QILU’s QLN-10PRO has a maximum width of only 760mm. It can enter and exit most sites at will, and can work easily even on narrow roads. It can perfectly solve the problem of workers’ working radius and meet work expectations. Effect.
It can also be matched with more accessories, such as rotary drilling rigs, crushers, rippers, trenching buckets, screen buckets, loading buckets, grab buckets and other accessories. Appropriate accessories can be used in different workplaces to better complete the work. , to achieve an excavator has a variety of functions, a variety of ways of use.

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