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3 most important tractor maintenance points, do you know?

1、Inspection and Maintenance of Tractor’s Front Wheel Toe-In

Place the tractor on hard level ground, turn the steering wheel to turn the front wheels to the weight-lifting position; on a horizontal plane passing through the center of the front wheels, measure the distances between the front and rear inner sides of the two front wheels respectively, and calculate the difference.

If the difference does not meet the requirements, it can be adjusted by changing the length of the pull rod. When the drawbar is lengthened, the toe-in increases, and when the drawbar is shortened, the toe-in decreases.


2、Maintenance of tractor steering mechanism

The steering mechanism plays a role in controlling and changing the driving direction of the tractor, which determines the safety of the tractor driving. The inspection of the steering mechanism should not be taken lightly to ensure that the steering mechanism is in good technical condition.

1. Check the tightening condition of the ball head of the horizontal tie rod, the steering vertical arm, the steering frame, etc., and the locking condition of the cotter pin.

2. Check the pre-tightening of the steering shaft (the method is to push and pull the steering wheel along the axis of the steering shaft, and there must be no obvious sense of clearance and shaking).

3. Check whether the swimming gap of the steering wheel is controlled at 15-30 mm. If it is too large or too low, it must be adjusted in time.

4. Add butter to the ball head in time.

5. When the parts of the steering mechanism are damaged and cracked, welding repairs shall not be carried out, and new parts shall be replaced.

6. Stop the vehicle when it is found that the direction is stuck during the driving process, and drive after troubleshooting.

7. When the phenomenon of direction swing and deviation is found during driving, it should be repaired in time. Do not drive for long periods. ,

8. When the steering is heavy, find out the cause and eliminate it in time.

3、Maintenance of tractor brake system

The braking system is used to help the tractor reduce its speed until it stops. It is also an important system that affects the safety of the tractor’s road operation. It must be inspected and regularly Maintenance

1. Check whether the brake oil pipe is worn or not and whether the connection of the nozzle is fastened, and pay special attention to whether the brake oil pipe is rubbed against the axle bag, frame, etc. (pay attention to the connection of the main and side pull rods in the small direction).

2. Check the brake fluid. If it is insufficient, add the same type of brake fluid, and do not mix them.

3. Check the free travel of the brake pedal, and keep the free travel of the brake pedal at 10-15 mm. If it is too large or too small, it must be adjusted in time.

4. Always check the connection of the operating mechanism. The pedal shaft should be filled with butter regularly, and each hinge point should be dripped with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to make the operating mechanism flexible and labor-saving. Always check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum to keep it in the specified technical state.

5. Always check whether the oil seal of the axle shaft is normal, to prevent the lubricating oil inside the gearbox body from invading the inside of the brake, polluting the brake pads, causing brake slippage, brake failure, etc., and accelerating the wear of the friction pair surface.

6. After the tractor is in use, touch the four-wheel hubs with your hands, and the temperature should be the same. If there are individual wheels that are particularly hot, it means that the wheel brakes the drum; if there are individual wheels that are particularly cold, it means that the wheel brakes are weak.

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