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Guide des tracteurs diesel : tout ce que vous devez savoir avant d'acheter

tracteur agricole


Purchasing a diesel tractor is a big investment that requires careful consideration. There are many tractor models and brands to choose from, each with their own strengths and features. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before buying a diesel tractor, from the different types of tractors to important specifications and considerations. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions to help simplify your decision making process. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of diesel tractors and be ready to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of Diesel Tractors

tracteur diesel
Diesel Tractor Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying 7

The first step is understanding the different types of diesel tractors available. The three main categories are compact tractors, utility tractors, and agricultural tractors.

Compact tractors are the smallest option, typically ranging from 25-50 horsepower. They are more maneuverable and can be used for lawn and garden tasks on smaller properties. Utility tractors are mid-sized at 50-150 horsepower and are versatile machines that can handle a wide range of tasks like tilling, mowing, hauling, and more. Agricultural tractors are the largest, with horsepower ratings of 150+ and are purpose-built for heavy-duty farming jobs like plowing, planting, and harvesting on larger acreage.

Within each category, tractors can be 2-wheel drive (2WD) or 4-wheel drive (4WD). 4WD provides better traction, especially useful for hilly terrain or wet conditions. Front-wheel assist is another option, engaging the front wheels only when extra traction is needed.

Key Specifications to Consider

Now that you know the basic tractor types, it’s important to evaluate key specifications that impact performance and suitability for your needs.

Puissance – More horsepower allows a tractor to power heavier implements and handle tougher jobs, but you don’t want to over or underpower your needs.

Hitch Type – Make sure your tractor’s hitch and hydraulic ports will be compatible with the types of implements you want to use.

Tire Size – Larger tires provide better flotation and traction, at the cost of less maneuverability. Choose tires appropriate for your terrain.

Loader Compatibility – Check if the tractor can accommodate a front-end loader for lifting and moving materials.

Caractéristiques – Consider 4WD, cab enclosure, suspension seat, auxiliary hydraulics, and other comfort/productivity features.

Fuel Tank Size – Larger tanks mean less refueling but add weight and cost. Choose based on your typical workday usage.

Prix – Set a budget and compare similarly-spec’d models from different brands. Leasing may be an option too.

Popular Diesel Tractor Brands

When shopping, it’s helpful to be familiar with reputable diesel tractor brands. Here are some of the top options in North America:

  • John Deere – Known for green-colored tractors, John Deere is the top-selling brand with a full range of sizes.
  • Kubota – Excellent build quality and reliability. Kubota focuses on sub-100HP compact and utility tractors.
  • Cas IH – Owned by CNH Industrial, Case IH offers agricultural tractors up to 400HP for large-scale farming.
  • Nouvelle Hollande – Another CNH brand, New Holland has a wide selection across categories and horsepower ranges.
  • Mahindra – An Indian brand that provides a good value, especially for smaller sub-100HP tractors.
  • Deutz Fahr – Popular in Europe, Deutz-Fahr makes agricultural tractors up to 400HP.
  • Massey Ferguson – Owned by AGCO, Massey Ferguson tractors are known for durability and performance.

Used vs New Tractors

tracteur diesel
Diesel Tractor Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying 8

When it comes to purchasing, you have the choice between a new or used diesel tractor. Here are some factors to consider for each:

New Tractors

  • Come with a full factory warranty for peace of mind
  • Have latest safety and emissions technology
  • May qualify for tax incentives/rebates
  • Carry a higher initial cost

Used Tractors

  • Provide a more affordable entry point at 40-60% less than new
  • Still have many productive years of life left if well-maintained
  • Thoroughly inspect and get service records from seller
  • Warranty protection is limited

The right choice depends on your budget and tolerance for potential repair costs down the road. Speaking to your dealer about options can help you decide.

Popular Diesel Tracteur Pièces jointes

No diesel tractor is complete without the right attachments for the jobs you need to accomplish. Here are some of the most common tractor accessories:

Box bladeGrading and leveling grounds
Post-hole diggerDigging holes for fence posts
TractopelleTrenching, digging, and material handling
Front-end loaderLifting and moving materials
Bush hogMowing and brush cutting
TillerLoosening, cultivating, and mixing soil
Grader bladeShaping and maintaining surfaces
Hay rakeRaking and merging cut hay
Bale spearLifting and moving bales

Choosing attachments based on your property size and maintenance needs will maximize your tractor’s versatility. Consider attachment options when comparing tractor models.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

While the upfront price of a diesel tractor is substantial, ongoing maintenance and operating costs are also important to budget for over the long run. Typical expenses include:

  • Fuel – Plan on $5-10 per hour of usage depending on the work being done.
  • Oil Changes – Every 50-100 hours, usually $50-100 per change depending on filters.
  • Grease Jobs – Every 50 hours, around $25-50 to grease all points.
  • Tire Rotation/Replacement – Every 300-500 hours or 2-3 years for tires.
  • Repairs – Unexpected repairs can cost $100-1000+, so set aside repair funds.
  • Storage – A shed is best to protect against weather/pests when not in use.

Proper maintenance is key to maximizing your tractor’s lifespan. Building cost estimates based on planned annual usage hours will help budget appropriately.


We hope this guide has provided you with a solid overview of everything to consider when purchasing a diesel tractor. Do your research, evaluate your needs, and test drive several models to find the right fit. An investment in a quality diesel tractor will reward you with decades of dependable service for all your property maintenance tasks. Happy tractor shopping!


Q: What size tractor do I need for a 5 acre property?

A: A sub-100HP compact or utility tractor would suit a property of this size well. Consider needs and terrain.

Q: Should I buy a tractor with a cab?

A: A cab provides better protection from weather but costs more. It’s worth it if you’ll use the tractor year-round or in harsh conditions.

Q: How long will a diesel tractor typically last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, diesel tractors can last 20-30 years or 3,000-5,000 hours of use before needing an engine rebuild.

Q: Can I use a tractor for hauling?

A: Yes, many tractors are rated for towing. Check the towing capacity and install rear towing lights if hauling on public roads.

Q: Should I lease or finance a tractor?

A: Leasing spreads costs over time but you never own it. Financing lets you own it in the long run for a likely lower total cost if kept long-term.

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