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Les cinq principaux préjugés courants concernant les fourches à palettes pour excavatrices


Excavator Pallet Forks
Top Five Common Prejudices About Excavator Pallet Forks 7

Excavator pallet forks, also known as excavator attachments, are heavy-duty forks that can be equipped onto the arms of an excavator to move materials. They provide an efficient way to lift, place and transport large loads like pallets of bricks, lumber, pipes, etc. However, there are some common misconceptions about these useful attachments. This blog post debunks the top five most prevalent prejudices about excavator pallet forks.

Myth 1: Excavator Pallet Forks Are Not Safe

One of the most common myths is that pallet forks on excavators are unsafe. Some people believe that lifting heavy loads with hydraulic attachments can be risky. However, excavator pallet forks have sufficient safety features and load capacities for safe material handling.

Here are some safety provisions in modern excavator pallet fork attachments:

  • Load safety valve – Prevents overloading beyond fork’s capacity
  • Check valves – Hold load even during hydraulic failure
  • Durable materials – Made with high grade steel for long lasting performance
  • Visibility – Good line of sight while operating from excavator cabin

In the hands of a trained operator, excavator pallet forks can safely lift and move thousands of pounds without incident. Proper maintenance and inspection ensures optimal safety over years of use.

Myth 2: Pallet Forks Reduce Excavator Efficiency

Another prevalent myth is that attaching pallet forks reduces the efficiency and productivity of an excavator. People assume that switching attachments back and forth from buckets is time consuming.

In reality, quick attach systems on modern excavators make changing attachments a breeze. Here is a comparison:

Attachment Change Time
Buckets: 1-2 minutes
Pallet Forks: 3-4 minutes

These brief attachment changeovers have minimal impact on the efficiency of material moving operations. Also, moving loads swiftly with pallet forks can offset any minor time losses.

Excavators equipped with dedicated pallet fork setups do not require any changeovers. This allows seamless loading and unloading of materials, maintaining optimal efficiency.

Myth 3: Pallet Forks Are Not Cost Effective

Some business owners shy away from procuring pallet fork attachments believing they are an expensive investment. However, here is a breakdown comparing costs across material handling options:

Equipment OptionCost per Hour
Wheel loader with forklift attachment$95-$115
Excavator with pallet forks$45-$70

Excavator pallet fork attachments provide the most cost effective and flexible way to lift and load materials on a job site. The lower operating costs coupled with versatility make them a smart investment for moving supplies and loads.

Myth 4: Excavators Cannot Handle Point Loads

mini-pelle de 2 tonnes
Top Five Common Prejudices About Excavator Pallet Forks 8

One common myth is that excavators with pallet forks cannot handle point loads well – such as single lumber beams, culverts etc. People assume the hydraulic arms cannot withstand concentrated force on small surface areas.

However, specialized pallet fork models are designed to properly distribute weight from point loads:

  • Splayed tips – Spread force over excavator arm
  • Reinforced base – Redirects force to avoid arm damage
  • Pivoting forks adjust – Aligns point loads with excavator centerline

High capacity pivoting pallet forks combined with reach of excavator arms can securely and evenly maneuver point loads. This flexibility is a key benefit versus other material handling equipment.

Myth 5: Pallet Forks Have Limited Attach/Detach Points

A common assumption is excavator pallet forks can only be attached and detached from ground level. This forces operators to spend additional time maneuvering up and down.

However, the latest pallet fork models come with multiple machined attach/detach connection points:

  • Ground-level standard attach point
  • Second attach point at operator cabin level
  • Attach point up to 9 ft high (with extendable dipper arms)

Having multiple attach points at different levels gives freedom and flexibility during material loading/unloading. Forks can be detached up high after vehicle loading, avoiding unnecessary lowering. The higher vantage point also provides better visibility for precise positioning onto pallets.


Excavator pallet fork attachments are extremely versatile and make moving materials much smoother and economical. Common apprehensions about their safety, efficiency, costs and capabilities are simply unfounded. When selected and used properly, these heavy-duty forks can handle almost any material transport application safely. Their unique ability to lift, load and unload from various levels is unmatched. Excavator pallet forks are truly a smart investment for any construction site or material handling operation.


Q: How much weight can an pelle with pallet forks lift?

A: Excavator pallet forks have load capacities between 5,000-15,000 pounds depending on attachment design and excavator class. Larger models can lift even heavier loads above 25,000 pounds.

Q: Can the forks rotate for easy load placement?

A: Yes, some advanced pallet fork models come with hydraulic pivoting capability. The forks can rotate up to 180 degrees for precise load placement.

Q: What types of materials are typically moved with pallet forks?

A: Excavator pallet forks allow easy handling of pallets, bricks, blocks, lumber, drywall, metal sheets, pipes, drums and even loose materials like sand and soil using special attachments.

Q: How durable are pallet fork attachments?

A: Pallet forks are constructed from high strength steel and designed for extreme durability, with a long fatigue life across rough jobsite conditions. Forks remain dent-free even after years of heavy loading.

Q: Do pallet forks also work on mini excavators?

A: Yes, mini-excavator models with operating weights under 6 tons can be equipped with proportionally sized pallet fork attachments for lighter loads. They provide the same versatility in material handling applications.

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