Cross-Country Forklift


The cross-country forklift is a kind of engineering vehicle that can stably carry out the loading and unloading, stacking and handling operations on slopes and uneven ground. The cross-country forklift can be equipped with forks or replace a variety of attachments to achieve high operating efficiency. Cross-country forklifts are also widely used in construction, agriculture, forestry, petroleum, pipelines, railways, mining and other industries.

The Advantages Of Off-Road Forklifts Compared To Ordinary Forklifts:

1. Ordinary forklifts are two-wheel drive, while cross-country forklifts are four-wheel drive.

2. Ordinary forklifts have low chassis, while cross-country forklifts have high chassis
3. Ordinary forklifts can only work on flat roads, while cross-country forklifts can work on flat roads as well as rugged mountain roads and dirt roads.
The tires have strong grip and no skidding.
4. The speed of cross-country forklifts is higher than that of ordinary forklifts. It has been developed to 40km/h, and its mobility is obvious.
5. The off-road forklift has high engine power and adopts all-wheel drive and off-road tires.

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