Tail design

The tailless design is suitable for working in small spaces, beautiful appearance, smooth design.

Continental hydraulic oil pipes

The layout is reasonable. The whole car adopts imported Continental hydraulic oil pipes to ensure smooth and sensitive hydraulic oil return and oil return. At the same time, it also prolongs the service life of the hydraulic oil pipes.

Engine Compartment

Arranged neatly, can be separated separately, waterproof, noise reduction, heat dissipation

Engine Compartment

The segmented four-post steel roof , with four-point support, meets the structure and design requirements of FOPS (anti-falling objects) and TOPS (anti-rollover).Can be retrofitted with cab.


Strengthen the boom, the stick has a stronger stress-bearing capacity

Side-swing and track retraction

Can be equipped with arm swing boom and chassis stretch, flexible steering, free movement.

Strengthen the boom, the stick
has a stronger stress-bearing

Enlarge the hydraulic cylinder
and Continental hydraulic
tubing to extend the
service life

Four-point support, wide field
of vision, safe and reliable

The key components of the whole
car are made of special steel, which
is reliable in performance and does
not fear the harsh operating

Optimized lower frame structure, more robust and durable

Chassis stretch, can pass
through narrow space

Tailless design, work
freely in small spaces

Split driving shed, detachable,
smoothly passing low space

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