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What is the function of excavator crawler? and 3 ways to maintain it

The excavator crawler plays a crucial role in moving materials and overburden, before the machine goes ahead to dig up the soil. The speed of the machine and its performance depend on how well it is maintained. Let’s know about those maintenance procedures in detail!

What is the function of excavator crawler?

The excavator crawler is the moving part on an excavator that helps the machine move faster and dig deeper into the ground. It is also used to remove rocks, dirt, and other material from the excavation site. To ensure optimal performance and maintenance, it is important to adjust the crawler for the best performance.

excavator crawler
What is the function of excavator crawler? and 3 ways to maintain it 8

How to adjust the excavator crawler for the best performance and maintenance of an excavator?

The crawler on an excavator is the part that helps the machine move around the ground. It has four or six wheels that are connected to a motor, and it moves along the surface of the ground. The crawler is adjustable to allow for different levels of performance and maintenance.

Types of Excavator Crawler Tracks

There are three types of crawlers on excavators- track, bucket and claw. Each crawler has different purposes and is adjusted for the best performance and maintenance.

A track crawler moves along the ground using tracks that run between the front and rear wheels. It is used for moving material around the excavation site.

A bucket crawler uses a series of buckets that are suspended from the front or back of the machine. The buckets move along a track in sync with the machine’s movement, transferring material to the front or back of the excavator.

Claw crawlers use a series of claws to grasp and move objects. They are often used to remove large objects from an excavation site.

Maintenance of a crawler on an excavator

An excavator crawler is the main component of the machine that helps it move through the soil or other material. It also helps the excavator to lift and transport material. Crawlers are usually adjustable to allow for varying ground conditions and are usually lubricated to help reduce friction.
Crawlers can become misaligned or damaged over time, requiring adjustment or replacement. Here is a guide on how to adjust a crawler on an excavator:

1)Position the tracks on the excavator. It should be in front of the blade and under the platform.

2) Loosen the adjusting screw at the front of the crawler with a wrench. This will allow you to make adjustments to the alignment of the crawler and excavator.

3) Align the front of the crawler with the blade on the excavator and tighten the adjusting screw.

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