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Qilu was great from start to finish, the excavator was done exactly as we asked itto be, great quality and fast production. Ihighly recommend this company !

The Heaviest QILU 260HP Modernization Tractor

Engine Brand:191.5KW

Rated Speed:2200r/min

Rated Traction:59KN


Front track:2015MM

Rear track:2300MM


The Heaviest QILU 260HP Modernization Tractor

  • The 260HP Modernization Tractor has China’s most advanced chassis, 8180KG weight good enough for everything, used in Russia, Australia, South America, African large farm operations are very popular
  • The 260HP Modernization Tractor has 16 Forward and 16 reverse shift gear, match separate F-R lever, more suitable for the driver’s manipulation.
  • Hydraulic boost clutch pedal, LUK brand, wet type 17 inch dual stage clutch, in the state of half-clutch, it still runs well and is not easy to burn.
  • Air cushion seat, luxury cabin with air contioner and heater, stay comfortable whether it’s hot or cold.
  • ARMOUR/Trelleborg/Michelin brand widened and enlarged radial tires, make the ground area larger, provide higher friction and traction, less slippery and longer service life.
  • The 260HP Modernization Tractor has 6 cylinder Shangchai or Weichai Engine, using high-pressure common rail injection technology to make the power more powerful.
  • 98L/min hydraulic flow, working pressure 20 MPa, make carrying more advanced farm implements become reality.

260HP Tractor Parameter

Power/HP260Tires size16.9-28/20.8-38
Driven model4×4PTO speed760/850 or 540/1000 or 760/1000
Gears16F+16REngine6 cylinder diesel engine
ClutchDouble-stage typeSteeringHydraulic steering


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