25HP tractor
Customized 25HP Tractor Supplier

Customized 25HP Tractor Supplier

Engine power: 25HP

PTO speed : 540/720rpm

Max.rated drawing power :≥6KN

Weight : 1290kg

Tires size : 6.0-16/9.5-24

Wheel Base : 1680mm



Customized 25HP Tractor QL-254Y

  • Customized 25HP Tractor Supplier QL-254A,A series of economical and practical 25HP tractor , equipped with Y chassis with advanced Qilu structure, can meet the needs of different agricultural machinery of customers, suitable for small plots such as family farms, and can meet general agricultural operations.
  • The 25HP tractor is equipped with a high-quality engine with a large torque reserve and strong power. Power emission upgrade, more advanced performance, low fuel consumption, and high reliability.
  • The 25HP tractor has more advanced technology.
    Famous brand front drive axle with high reliability. The transmission system adopts powerful gears, which are more durable. Optional external double oil cylinder, the work effect is better. 8+2 gears are adopted, and the speed matching is reasonable.
  • The 25HP tractor is more comfortable to drive: the classic removable awning. Full hydraulic steering system, easy and flexible operation. New streamlined body design, beautiful appearance, wider field of vision.
  • Customized 25HP Tractor works with high efficiency.
    The power output speed can be selected as 540/720 rpm, which can be matched with a variety of agricultural machinery and has a wider range of applications.
  • Our Customized 25HP Tractor tractor’s driven model is 4WD, comes with Laidong 4 cylinders. The engine power is 25hp,which have high efficiency. Whether you’re looking to carry out agricultural, building or gardening work, these small tractors can help with it all.
  • The 25Y tractor is equipped with hydraulic steering, allowing for much more ease of use and operation.
  • It has 8F+2R gears.The overall dimension is 3450mm*1300mm*2000mm.
  • It has adaptability. These pieces of equipment are flexible and adaptable, due to their size, to manage many tasks, as well as easily switch between jobs at any given point.
  • You have many choices about optional equipment, like front ballast and rear ballast, rops, canopy, air compressor, swing, and fan cab ect.

Customized 25HP Tractor QL-254E

  • The QL-254E is 50HP,comes with Laidong four cylinders engine, Ⅱ stages standard. The engine owns water cooling technology, which is superior to air cooling. The driving mode is four-wheel drive. The fuel tank volume is 30L.
  • The speed gear is 8+2, 8F+8R shuttle gear could be changed .And importantly it is equipped with manual differential lock,in order to avoid the difference wheel’s speed cause accident.
  • Some optional equipment such as Front ballast, Rear ballast, Rops and Canopy could be added upon your request.
  • The farm tractor and all its accessories are guaranteed for 1 years.

If you need a 25HP tractor, please contact us, Qilu will provide you with expert service!

254Y Parameter

Driven model 4WD
Engine power (hp) 25
Emission Standards Ⅱ stages
Clutch Single-stage type
PTO speed 540/720rpm
Max.rated drawing power(KN) ≥6KN
Weight (kg) 1290
Steering hydraulic steering
Gears 8+2
Speed(km/h) Front2.06-31.30;Back2.71-12.52
Tires size 6.0-16/9.5-24
Wheel Base 1680mm
Overall dimension(L*W*H)mm 3350*1300*2000mm

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254E Parameter

Driven model 4WD
Emission Standards Ⅱ stages
Engine power (hp) 25
Clutch Single-stage type
PTO speed 540/720rpm
PTO spline number 6
Max.rated drawing power ≥7.5KN
Minimum use quality 1410kg
Steering hydraulic steering
Gears 8+2
Speed Front1.78-26.93;Back2.41-11.6
Wheel Base 1810mm
Tires size 6.5-16/11.2-24

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