70HP tractor
China 70HP Tractor Supplier

China 70HP Tractor Supplier

Engine power: 70HP

X PTO speed : 540/760rpm

B PTO speed : 540/760rpm

Max.rated drawing power :≥15.3KN /≥16.5KN

weight : 1980kg/2740kg

X Tires size : 6.5-16/11.2-24

B Tires size : 8.3-24/12.4-32

Wheel Base : 1900mm/2010mm



China 70HP Tractor Supplier QL-704X

  • China 70HP Tractor Supplier QL-704X, series efficient and comfortable 70HP tractor , equipped with X chassis with advanced Qilu structure, advanced structure, optimized and upgraded, strong reliability and more efficient operation. It can meet the general agricultural operation.
  • The  tractor is paired with a four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine for improved fuel efficiency and high torque. The center console is simple in design, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. The new 8F+8R has a reasonable shifting speed and high efficiency. Suitable for greenhouse plants, orchards, vegetable gardens, etc.
  • The tractor adopts an engine with strong power, high power, stable performance, smooth movement, and low vibration. Adopt well-known brand hydraulic components, stable work, and high reliability.
  • 70HP tractor PTO speed can be selected from various speeds eg. 540/720 rpm, can be equipped with various agricultural implements, and can adapt to a wider range. Pilot operation and switch control humanized design, easy to operate and improve work comfort;

70HP tractor is easy to maintain, easy to maintain, and overhaul; it can be a front loading rear hole, bottom plow, offset disc harrow, potato plant.

China 70HP Tractor Supplier QL-704B

  • The driven model of 704B tractor is 4WD, the engine power is 70hp. It has hydraulic output and steering. The gears are 12F+12R shuttle gear.About the clutch, which is double-stage type.
  • Our 704B tractors are for more than just farming. 70HP Tractor Supplier,Branching out and using them to their full potential means compact tractors are now being used for heavy-duty landscaping, digging, ploughing large gardens, hauling, house building, clearing overgrown fields, hedge cutting, snow removal and so much more!
  • Small tractors can be used in conjunction with a range of accessories, depending on what you require — accessories such as Disc plow, Mowers, Disc harrow, Rotary tiller, Rear excavator, Front end loader and more.

If you need a 70HP tractor, please contact us, Qilu will provide you with expert service!

70HP Tractor Parameter

Power/HP 70 Tires size 7.5-20/12.4-28
Driven model 4×4 PTO speed 540/720rpm
Gears 8F+8R Engine 4 cylinder diesel engine
Clutch Dual-stage type Steering Hydraulic steering

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