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Qilu was great from start to finish, the excavator was done exactly as we asked itto be, great quality and fast production. Ihighly recommend this company !

Small Skid Steer Loader QL2200

Control methodPilot control
EngineJapanese Yanmar 4TNV98CT engine
Traveling pumpGerman Rexroth traveling piston pump
Travel motorGerman Rexroth traveling plunger motor
Working pumpItalian Casappa gear oil pump
Control handleItalian EBI pilot control handle
Leveling valveItalian NEM leveling valve
Hydraulic quick couplerItalian Faster self-unloading hydraulic quick coupler
Transmission chainJapanese Tsubaki transmission chain

Skid Steer Loader QL2200

  • Excellent Work Efficiency
    The QL2200 is equipped with electronic engine control and electronic hand and foot throttle. Its dual throttle design dynamically adjusts the engine speed based on load variations, avoiding high RPM during low power consumption periods, resulting in a fuel consumption reduction of over 8%.
  • Durable Structure For Versatile Construction Environments
    The hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank, track box, and chassis are integrated with a welded structure, featuring a robust body design and high-strength steel materials, providing reliable support for continuous heavy-duty work and the ability to carry heavy load attachments.
  • Effortless Control With Pilot Operation
    QL2200 features the precise and lightweight operation of the Italian EBI pilot handle, reducing fatigue. The centralized switch layout of the multi-function handle enhances control accuracy, greatly improving the smoothness and accuracy of movements.
  • High-Quality And Reliable Vehicle Safety System
    The design of the Qilu skid steer loader reflects a people-oriented and safety-first philosophy, with three-level safety inspection devices including parking brake, driver’s door, and safety bar, ensuring the operational safety of the driver.
  • Convenient And Easy Maintenance
    Service space is designed to be convenient, with a centralized grouping of daily maintenance points. Maintenance points are easily accessible, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance, significantly saving time. The rear compartment door of the machine can be conveniently opened for routine inspections.


QILU skid steer loader features full-wheel drive and skid steering, allowing for quick and easy interchangeability of various work tools to meet diverse job requirements. With the Italian FASTER quick coupler and its self-relieving function, connecting attachments is simple, time-saving, and effortless, requiring just a few minutes without the need for additional tools. Paired with Deutsch aviation connectors, our loader ensures reliable performance and enables seamless control of complex attachments, resulting in higher work efficiency. Whether it’s for landscaping, road repairs, municipal maintenance, agricultural applications, construction demolition, or warehouse clearance, our skid steer loader is always busy at work!


Product parameters

Basic Dimensions
Working height – full lift(mm)   A4090
Articulation height – full lift(mm)   B3102
Overhead guard height(mm) C2110
Overall length – with bucket(mm)   D3561
Dumping angle – full lift(°)   E40
Dumping height(mm)    F2316
Dumping distance(mm)    G580
Tilt angle(°)   J30
Maximum tilt angle(°)   M100
Overall width – without bucket(mm)    Q1815
Ground clearance(mm)    S200
Bucket width(mm)    R1880
Departure angle(°)    W20
Wheelbase(mm)    V1085
Turning radius – without bucket(mm)    Y1320
Turning radius – with bucket(mm)    X2121
Turning radius – rear(mm)    Z1694
Engine Parameters
Rated power (kW)53.7
Displacement (L)3.319
Fuel systemElectronic control
Hydraulic Electrical System
Auxiliary hydraulic flow rate (L/min)85
Auxiliary fuel supply pressure (MPa)21
Fuel tank capacity (L)90
Working and traveling control methodHydraulic pilot-operated
Technical Parameters
Rated load capacity (kg)1000
Operating weight (kg)3120
Tipping load (kg)2200
Traveling speed (km/h)12.5

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