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How to clean the tractor oil filter? You just need to do this 4 steps

Maintenance of tractor oil filter

The general use and maintenance of tractor oil filter should pay attention to the following points

After the tractor oil filter is used for a certain period of time, many impurities and dirt will adhere to the filter element of the tractor oil filter. Therefore, the oil filter should be replaced regularly according to the instructions. For normal working vehicles, the tractor oil filter should be replaced every 6 months or 200-300 hours of operation. For large vehicles, the tractor oil filter should be cleaned at the time and mileage above. In harsh conditions, such as frequent driving in dusty environments, it should be replaced every 150 hours of operation.

For centrifugal tractor oil filter, they can be cleaned as follows:

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How to clean the tractor oil filter? You just need to do this 4 steps 13

1. First remove the dirt from the oil filter cover and housing. Remove the cover, remove the nut and thrust bushing securing the rotor, and remove the rotor.

2. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the nut on the rotor cover and remove the rotor cover (be careful not to damage the sealing gasket). It is 30°-45°. If it is too small, the resistance will increase, affecting the air intake. If it is too large, the rotation of the airflow will be weakened and the ability to separate dust will be reduced. The blade surface must not peel off to prevent oxidation particles from entering the cylinder. The direction of the dust outlet should be determined according to the ability to discharge dust particles.

3. The ventilation net should be cleaned when the tractor oil filter is maintained; the dust particles should not exceed 1/3 of the height of the dust cup, otherwise it should be removed in time; the dust cup mouth should be tightly sealed, and the rubber sealing strip should not be damaged or lost .

4. Oil change and cleaning should be carried out in a windless and dust-free place. In environments with low humidity, high pressure air should be used to purge the filter. The blowing direction should be opposite to the direction that the air enters the filter; when installing, the folding directions of adjacent filters should cross each other.

tractor oil filter
How to clean the tractor oil filter? You just need to do this 4 steps 14

How tractor oil filters work

Oil filters are designed to trap large particles and debris that can clog the engine. To clean the filter, unscrew it from the motor and remove the filter screen. Pour a pot of hot water over the filter and agitation with a wire brush will loosen any dirt or debris. Pour a pot of cold water over the filter and swish it around to cool. Once cooled, pour a pot of degreaser over the top of the filter and scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse with clean water and replace the filter screen.

How to clean the tractor oil filter?

100HP tractor
How to clean the tractor oil filter? You just need to do this 4 steps 15

The tractor oil filter is located on the front left side of your tractor. To clean it, follow these steps:

  1. Park your tractor in a safe location.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Remove the exhaust pipe by removing the two screws located on each side and then pull it off.
  4. Disconnect the oil filter connection by unscrewing the cap and pulling it off.
  5. Wash the dirty filters in cool water with a non-abrasive soap like Dawn or dishwashing liquid before reattach them to the pipeline with new gaskets and screws.

What tools and materials do you need to clean an oil filter?

car wrapping with foil drying with fan car service
How to clean the tractor oil filter? You just need to do this 4 steps 16

If your tractor has an oil filter, you need to clean it. Follow these steps:

  1. Park the tractor on a level surface.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Open the hood and remove the oil filter cap.
  4. Locate the drain plug and remove it by turning it counterclockwise (1).
  5. Allow the oil to drain into a container for disposal (2).
  6. Spin the filter cartridge by hand several times to loosen any dirt or debris that may have settled on its surface (3).
  7. Place a bucket beneath the filter and pour about 1 quart of hot water onto the filter cartridge (4). Swirl the water around until all of the dirt and debris is loosened from the cartridge (5). Discard all of the dirty water (6).
  8. Reverse Step 5, so that you can re-install the drain plug and cap. Make sure that they are snugly in place before restarting your tractor engine (7).

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