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Qilu was great from start to finish, the excavator was done exactly as we asked itto be, great quality and fast production. Ihighly recommend this company !

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Top Five Common Prejudices About Excavator Pallet Forks

Excavator pallet forks, also known as excavator attachments, are heavy-duty forks that can be equipped onto the arms of an excavator to move materials. They provide an efficient way to lift, place and transport large loads like pallets of bricks, lumber, pipes, etc. However, there are some common misconceptions about these useful attachments. This blog post debunks the top five most prevalent prejudices about excavator pallet forks.

Large Excavator for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

Large excavators are powerhouse machines essential in construction, mining, and large-scale landscaping projects. They offer unparalleled strength, efficiency, and the ability to handle tasks that smaller machines cannot. This guide explores the ins and outs of large excavators, helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Common 8 Ton Excavator Faults and Comprehensive Repair Guide

Eight ton excavators are medium-sized machines that are common on many construction sites. They provide a good balance of power, efficiency, and maneuverability for digging trenches, loading trucks, demolishing structures, and various earthmoving tasks. However, like any piece of heavy machinery, 8 ton excavators can develop faults and require repairs over time. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of common problems you may encounter with an 8 ton excavator and how to properly fix them.

Advantages of 2 Ton Excavator

A 2 ton excavator, sometimes called a mini or compact excavator, typically weighs between 1.5-2.5 tons. These small but powerful machines offer many advantages that make them a versatile choice for various construction and landscaping projects.

5 Top Risks Of 5 Ton Excavator

A 5 ton excavator, sometimes called a mini excavator, is a popular piece of construction equipment used for digging, lifting, and moving materials. 5 ton refers to the operating weight of the excavator, with typical units in this class weighing between 4.5 and 6 tons. These compact excavators provide excellent maneuverability and versatility on construction sites.

The Shocking Revelation of Excavator Mulching Head

Excavator mulching heads have become an increasingly popular attachment for excavators in recent years. However, most people don't realize the shocking truth about how excavator mulching heads actually work and what they can achieve. In this blog post, I will reveal some surprising facts about excavator mulching heads that could change the way you think about them.

The 10 Reasons We Love Long Reach Excavators

Long reach excavators, sometimes called long front excavators or extended reach excavators, are invaluable pieces of construction equipment used for digging and moving material on jobsites. With an extended boom and arm, these versatile machines can reach farther than a traditional excavator. We love long reach excavators for many reasons that make them a top choice for all kinds of projects.
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